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chemical Industry

Chemicals are among the economic goods in Europe that are transported daily in large quantities on roads, railways or waterways.
because chemicals play an important role in many branches of industry as precursors, intermediates or end products.
As a transporter of chemicals, we are faced with the constant challenge of managing our operations efficiently while at the same time complying with the strict requirements of
to protect the environment and health. NILCARGO is well aware of the special requirements chemical products have on
Transport and storage.

As an expert in road transport for the chemical industry, NILCARGO will help you to transport your goods in compliance with all relevant
to promote regulations. We offer you a tailor-made service along the entire supply chain of your products.
Safe transport and handling of products, with respect to the environment and in compliance with regulations, are the responsibility of
central importance for NILCARGO.

We transport

  • Pharmaceutical and biotech products
  • polymers
  • synthetic materials
  • rubber
  • petrochemistry
  • agrochemicals
  • fertilizer
  • coal
  • raw materials

NILCARGO is certified to the highest SQAS standards for the chemical and food industries.

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