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Cold transport

A smooth cold chain is the basic prerequisite for trading in temperature-sensitive goods. Thanks to our most modern refrigeration units and certified trailers, even sensitive goods arrive at their destination safely and without loss of quality. Especially food products such as fruit, vegetables, meat products or the like have to comply with internal and EU temperature requirements. keep to. It is our special equipment, which is subject to constant quality control, that ensures safe implementation.

Our many years of experience in the field of (deep) refrigerated transport guarantee our customers a seamless transport of their goods. We stand for reliability and precise deliveries made to measure. Just in time we take your goods to the place of destination of your choice. We get food and non-food goods such as pharmaceuticals to their destination quickly and safely. The transport of vital and valuable drugs requires particularly high attention and usually has to be carried out very quickly. Also for this We are your reliable forwarding agency on site in Nuremberg for such cases, of course also for EU-wide refrigerated transports.

Our refrigeration department transports among other things:

  • fruits and vegetables,
  • eat products
  • dairy products
  • medications
  • chemicals
  • synthetic materials
  • cosmetics

Our fleet consists of modern vehicles, which promise a special efficiency. Frozen products can also be transported perfectly thanks to minus 25 degrees technology. It goes without saying that different types of goods will be separated according to HACCP and internal standards of hygiene for quality assurance. Your goods do not lose their taste or shape. and color.

Our fresh service keeps its promise and delivers products precisely to your customers. Our environmentally friendly trucks also bring your sensitive products fresh and undamaged to the place of your choice.

Our forwarding team will be happy to make you an individual offer. Any concerns about the transport procedures can usually be cleared up in a direct discussion. Make sure you get your personal offer according to your payload. We look forward to shipping your refrigerated goods!


food tranports

Food transports are subject to special guidelines and regulations. Compliance with these regulations is a basic requirement of our business. The highest priority for food transport is compliance with special hygiene regulations and temperature conditions. Regular training of our employees as well as compliance with our defined maintenance of cleaning and disinfection plans ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Fruit, fresh vegetables, meat products or frozen goods: We transport every type of food safely and sustainably.

NILCARGO has the most modern vehicles and semitrailers, which provide the required temperature for all types of vehicles over long distances for all kinds of food. With NILCARGO your goods arrive fresh at their destination at any time of the year.

In order to be able to control the constant keeping of the temperature, our vehicles are equipped with several temperature recorders. which display and record the temperature data online (DATA logging system). Our staff is continuously trained in order to remain always up-to-date with the numerous regulations for food transport.
Years of experience and modern equipment make us stand out when it comes to food transport. Due to our central location in Austria and Turkey, the bridge to Europe, a smooth supply chain is guaranteed as well as communication with the loading and unloading points with extremely precise punctuality.


„Faster to your destination with Nil“